What our customers say
“We milk 55-60 Friesians and Friesian crosses, and went over to Lely Astronaut robot milking in 2012. The cows took to the system easily and the daily average yield soon settled at 27 litres.

We’d been using Minsups minerals for many years, so were interested when Minsups area manager Gerald Ratcliff told us about their new product Rumen Enhance. We decided to give it a try.

Within three weeks of introducing Enhance into their ration, we were seeing an increase in yield. After five weeks the herd average had gone up to 28.5 litres – and every cow was producing more, even those towards the end of their lactation. Some heifers are now giving 35 litres, and some second calvers up to 50 litres and maintaining their body condition.

The extra cost was only five pence per cow per day!

Not only has yield improved, but fertility has gone up too and the condition of the cows is visibly improved. Since starting to use Rumen Enhance we’ve had no digestive disorders and there’s been a decrease in lameness.

We’ve had such a brilliant experience with Rumen Enhance that we’re also giving it to the dry cows to ensure that they calve in good condition and are pre-conditioned for their lactation.”

Stephen Hawkins, Diary farmers, Devon
Smiddiehill Farm has a herd of 500 Holstein Friesians, 300 of which are in milk at any time, with an average total yield of 10,000 litres. In their trial phase of using Minsups Rumen Enhance, they removed Enhance from the feed mix after a month. Within two days, whole grain from the whole crop was visible in the dung, udders lost their bloom and silage consumption increased.

Conversely, within days of adding Rumen Enhance back to the diet, dung and udders were back to good condition and silage consumption went down – ample proof that Rumen Enhance significantly improves animal condition and yield. The farm is now using it routinely.

Smiddiehill Farm
Gerrit keeps about 30 pedigree Swifter breeding ewes. An established user of Minsups Sheep Blocks and Dextro Blocks, Gerrit agreed to take part in a 2005 trial of Mag Block Fly because of his difficulties in controlling fly strike. For the trial, half Gerrit’s sheep were given Mag Block Fly and the other half standard sheep block.

Gerrit noticed little difference until he came to trim his animals’ feet.

“This is always a hot and sweaty job and you attract flies, particularly on your face,” says Gerrit. “But I found that there were no flies bothering the sheep that had eaten Mag Block Fly.”

Convinced that Mag Block Fly was a success, Gerrit has been using it routinely since the trial. As a result, the farm has had no problems with fly strike and it also seems effective against blue tongue.

“I hear from other farmers that sometimes half the flock can be affected by blue tongue, but I’m seeing only one or two in my flock,’ says Gerrit. ‘As an experiment I replaced Mag Block Fly with standard sheep blocks, but quickly found that I had five sheep down with blue tongue. That’s enough evidence for me that Mag Block Fly is indispensable.”

Gerrit van den Berg, Sheep farmer, Ermelo, Netherlands
“We have a herd of 180 Holstein/Friesians, and in 2012 we gave them Rumen Enhance a few weeks before calving. We soon noticed that there were no feeders in the parlour, and no cud balls. Dung was perfect and the milk yield was up significantly on previous years. Milk quality was good, and the cows’ health, body condition and fertility all improved. We now regard Rumen Enhance as indispensable.”
Diary farmers, County Antrim
Both George and Colin have for many years been enthusiastic users of Minsups Stockvim. Prior to using Stockvim, both had experienced problems with scour and pneumonia in young suckler calves. No previous attempt to treat the conditions had been unsuccessful, but introducing Stockvim – fed for two months prior to calving at 75g per cow per day – led to rapid improvements.

Cows and calves are now free from scour and pneumonia and are in a generally much healthier condition. They are also free from staggers.

George Corsar and Colin Kelman, Dairy farmers, Aberdeenshire
“I have been using Minsups Startright for my calves since it was first introduced. We have never seen calves just born come on so well!”
Peter Richards, Haverfordwest
Ian’s farmland lies alongside a river, where trees provide ideal breeding conditions for flies, which in turn caused problems for the cows.

Ian was delighted to find that Minsups Mag Block Fly rapidly cleared the problem. Even at the height of the fly season, when insects were swarming over the cows, there were no flies near their udders. Moreover, none of the cows suffered mastitis.

Ian Johnston, Diary farmers, Aberdeenshire