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The many benefits of Minsups products stem from a quality-first approach to formulation and manufacture.

For example:

Minsups quality control is uncompromising. Raw materials are  quality checked from the moment of delivery and throughout all manufacturing, storage and distribution processes.

 During manufacture, Minsups blocks ingredients are blended with lignobond and 7-10 per cent molasses. Then, computer-controlled hydraulic pressure alone – no heat, no chemicals – ensures exactly the right degree of hardness and palatability. (This avoids intake problems often associated with bucket products.) As no heat is used in the block making process the vitamins remain undamaged.

Our shrink-wrapping minimises packaging waste and cost, it’s less than 3% of the cost of a bucket, so all the value goes into the ingredients.

Minsups blocks stack and store with ease, and unlike buckets, they don’t break or crack if dropped.

Minsups blocks can be used anywhere – in fields, sheds or yards in feed troughs or on the ground.

High quality ingredients result in higher bio-availability, which in turn significantly reduces daily intake requirements.