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New selenium launched

The use of organic selenium is common practice today in ruminants and with specific attention to diets for breeding animals organic selenium is also beneficial when it comes to meat quality as it is seen to enrich animal products with selenium.

The traditional way of supplying organic selenium is in the form of selenized yeast. However, there is a limitation to selenized yeast. This lies in the fact that only part of the selenium is in the form which is the actual effective organic form.

To tackle this issue, Minsups has introduced Selenium4000, a totally new form of organic selenium, which guarantees all selenium in this effective organic form. For the same amount of selenium, this new product provides the double amount of effective organic selenium in the feed compared to selenium yeast brands.

The new generation brand shows no variation in concentration and all selenium in is in the form of effective digestible organic selenium, Selenium4000 offers the lowest cost price per unit of effective organic selenium as a result of this superior bioavailability.

European dairy cows trial work has provided the evidence in practice. The amount of selenium in milk is a good indicator for the selenium status, and this way the bioavailability of selenium sources can be evaluated.

Selenium was supplemented at the same dose, but in three different forms, as inorganic sodium selenite, a leading brand selenium yeast or new more bioavailable Selenium4000.

By supplementing selenized yeast it was possible to transfer more selenium to the milk. The trials demonstrate the higher bioavailability of selenized yeast over inorganic selenium and the superior bioavailability of Selenium4000 over selenized yeast.

Minsups now offers the new generation selenium in selected dairy, beef cattle and sheep products as well as in custom mixes.

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Northern Ireland Charolais Club, 2nd year sponsorship

MINSUPS Charolais Grand Final will be held at Clogher Valley Show on Wednesday 29th July.

This is seen as a very exciting partnership for the leading beef breed in Northern Ireland; the Charolais breed won the Interbreed Pairs at Balmoral this year and Minsups’ Apryl Biddle was on hand to launch the championship in Northern Ireland.

Local representatives Carol Mooney, John Steen and Tommy McKenna were on the Charolais Stand to discuss the mineral supplement range available. The MINSUPS Charolais Championship (NI) is one of the highlights in the 2015 Charolais Calendar.

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